Molecular simulations, Membranes, ZIFs, Machine Learning


Panagiotis Krokidas is a Physicist with an MSc and PhD degree in Materials Chemistry (Department of Materials Science, University of Patras, University of Patras & FORTH-ICEHT, Patras, Greece.) His research interests lie in the field of nanoporous solids for gas separations. His approaches cover a wide range of computational techniques, which are a combination of molecular level simulations and Artificial Intelligence models.

Dr Krokidas has worked as a postdoc researcher in Sweden (Stockholm University) and in Qatar (Texas A&M University at Qatar). In 2020 he was awarded Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant and since then he is working on his project, SmartDeZign, under the supervision of Dr. Theodore Steriotis (MESL), along with the co-supervision of Dr. Kainourgiakis (ERL, INRASTES) and Dr. Giannakopoulos (SKEL, IIT). He has 15 publications in peer reviewed journals.


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