Plasma etching, plasma nanotechnology, surface modification, superhydrophobicity, wetting control, heat transfer, cavitation, CAD, CAE.


Panagiotis Sarkiris is a PhD candidate at the National Technical University of Athens. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia (Integrated Master-307 ECTS) with Thesis title 'Computational and experimental investigation of heat genneration phenomena through cavitation bubbles'. At 2014 he was an Intern at Hellenic Aerospace Industry ( He received his M.Sc in nano science at Technical University of Athens in 2018. His Master Thesis work was on Motion of drops with different viscosities on micro-nano textured superhydrophobic surfaces. He is currently working as research associate on Fabrication and characterization of metallic and polymeric superhydrophobic surfaces for energy applications, under the FET program HARMoNIC, at the Institute of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology – NCSR “Demokritos”, under the supervision of Dr. E. Gogolides, Director of Research at the same Institute.


Ellinas, K., Dimitrakellis, P., Sarkiris, P. and Gogolides, E., A review of fabrication methods, properties and applications of superhydrophobic metals Processes, Volume 9, Article Number: 666, 2021 [doi]

Sarkiris, P., Ellinas, K., Gkiolas, D., Mathioulakis, D. and Gogolides, E., Motion of Drops with Different Viscosities on Micro-Nanotextured Surfaces of Varying Topography and Wetting Properties Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 29, Article Number: 1902905, 2019 [doi]

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