PLINIOS Independent Environmental Consultants has been created within the framework of the commercial exploitation of technical and scientific knowledge produced at the National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”.

It consists of a group of skilled scientists and technical staff, dedicated exclusively to weigh and assess environmental risks. The vast experience in sensitive and demanding projects in Greece and abroad, as well as the cooperation with leading scientific institutes, places PLINIOS to a unique position of trust and prestige in its field.

OUR MISSION- A Safe environment for all

With its services, PLINIOS assesses and confronts environmental risks and it restores natural balance both indoors and outdoors. Such risks may arise from pollutants and harmful materials that have been built up in an installation because of current or previous human activities, but also because of physical factors prevailing in a region.

The evaluation of these risks is necessary so that the health of the users of the facility will be safeguarded, hazardous substances will be properly managed, compliance with the environmental legislation will be ensured and any future investments in that facility will be protected.


Until recently, a common business practice, in the area of environmental responsibility, was to postpone or even avoid altogether taking any positive action.
In recent years, due to the increased sensitivity about the environment and the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, failure of timely understanding and management of environmental risks, could be disastrous for a business.
The environmental responsibilities can quickly be turned into liabilities, social disdain and legal implications.
With its trusted and confidential services, PLINIOS helps businesses promote a positive environmental attitude and exhibit a high degree of social responsibility by safeguarding the wellbeing of their employees and the society in general.

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