Optical sensors and characterization of metasurfaces and integrated photonics

Spectroscopic characterization of metasurfaces and photonic integrated circuits

We use reflectance spectroscopy in a broad wavelength range (Vis-NIR) and a variation of optical reflection microscopy. The setup allows for simultaneous imaging and measurement of the reflectance, transmission, and photoluminescence spectrum from a region of a few square micrometers.

Optical Microreflectance-Transmittance-Photoluminescence Setup

We designed and fabricated silicon nitride nanobeam cavities towards simultaneous localization of light and elastic waves in the same volume.

Silicon nitride nanobeam

Silicon nitride nanobeam detail

More information:

L. Athanasekos, A. Christofi, G. Gantzounis, E. Bolomyti, G. Papageorgiou, M.-C. Skoulikidou, I. Raptis, N. Papanikolaou, Microel. Eng. Volume 159, June 2016, Pages 42–45

Fabrication of metal covered hole arrays in Si as efficient IR absorbers-emitters. We have studied hole arrays in Si with few micron diameters, covered with a thin Al layer. The fabricated structures were characterized with FTIR and the goal was to develop narrow band infrared emitters operating around 3-5 micron wavelengths. Typical structure is shown in the figure.

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