Theory and simulation, multiple scattering methods for photons, phonons, electrons

Layer multiple scattering method

Multiple scattering is an old method to solve wave propagation. The concept is very efficient for arrays of scatterers and the basic theory can be adapted to solve electron, photon or phonon propagation in complex media. We are developing multiple scattering methods in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Athens to study light, sound, and electron propagation in complex periodic structures.

Schematic of the approach used in the Layer Multiple Scattering method to solve light propagation through periodic multilayers.

For photons and phonons a layer multiple scattering method is used so that the structure is divided in periodic layers and the scattering properties within each layer is described through the corresponding scattering matrix. The layers consist of arrays of individual scatterers and spherical expansions are used to describe the scattering in each layer. For a short description of the method look at, the a recent publication and references therein.

Panagiotidis E, Almpanis E, Stefanou N, Papanikolaou N. Multipolar interactions in Si sphere metagratings. Journal of Applied Physics. 2020;128(9):093103

The same method can be used for electrons.

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