Synthesis of ultra-thin MoS2 layers by Hot Wire CVD

Metallic wires are surrounded by a layer of the corresponding oxide. When the wire is heated and if the melting point of the metal is higher than the sublimation temperature of the oxide, then a vapor of metal oxides is formed. Molybdenum oxide vapors above 400 οC reacts chemically with hydrogen sulfide to form MoS2 vapors which can be deposited to give the corresponding film. The thickness of the film is proportional to the exposure time of the substrate to the vapors and thus at short exposure times films consisting of one or several monoatomic layers are deposited. These layers are typically disturbed but can then be crystallized by microwave processing at room temperature.

Details about transistors and chemical sensors made based on this material are given by the group of Dr. D. Kouvatsos.

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