Pulsed EPR spectrometer




Static (superhyperfine couplings) and dynamic (electron spin relaxation times) parameters of paramagnetic systems including molecular spins (encaged atoms) for quantum information processing applications, transition metal complexes and irradiation-induced defects in solids.

Technical Specifications

X-band (9.7 GHz) Pulsed EPR instrument (Bruker ESP380E) equipped with a DICE unit and an ENI amplifier (RF frequencies up to 35 MHz) for pulsed Electron Nuclear Double Resonance (ENDOR) experiments and cryostats for measurements in the range 4.0-300 K. 

Probe heads: 

1. ER 4102ST cavity, continuous wave (cw) mode

2. ER 4118X-MD5 Dielectric Ring Resonator, pulse mode, sample tubes up to 5 mm O.D.

3. EN 4118X-MD4 Bruker ENDOR Resonator, pulse mode, sample tubes up to 4 mm O.D. 

Capabilities:  2-pulse and 3-pulse ESEEM, 2D-HYSCORE, Davies and Mims-type ENDOR

Number of MPFU’s: 2

Minimum dwell time: 8 ns

Additional Tools

Microwave frequency counter (HP 5350B), temperature controller (ITC4), oscilloscope (HP Infinium 54810A)

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