pulsed NMR spectrometer 100 MHz

The pulsed NMR spectrometer operating at 100MHz comprises a home-assembled, broadband unit with operating frequency range 2 – 100 MHz (optionally up to 800MHz) and a Bruker superconductive magnet with a field of 2.35 Tesla corresponding to a proton resonance frequency of 100 MHz. It is equipped with an Oxford Instr. continuous flow cryostat (CF 1200 dynamic) and an Oxford ITC5 temperature controller enabling measurements in the temperature range 1.6 – 500 K with an accuracy of ±0.1 K. Its main applications include:

Studies of magnetic nanofluids for biomedical, geological and industrial applications.

Studies of nanofluidic processes in restricted geometries (e.g. water and ionic liquid motion in carbonaceous and silica nanoporous structures), as well as gelation processes of industrial interest, such as cements, and self-healing coatings for the aerospace technology.

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