benchtop (portable) NMR spectrometer

A home-assembled broadband benchtop (portable) pulsed NMR spectrometer operating in the frequency range: 2 – 800 MHz is used for low-field measurements. The spectrometer is equipped with two permanent Halbach magnets (circular Halbach arrangement): a small-sized magnet (height 50 mm, inner diameter 27 mm, outer diameter 47 mm) having 1H NMR frequency of 12.2 MHz and a magnetic field gradient of 1.03 T/m

and a second high-homogeneity magnet with 1H  NMR frequency of 8.35 MHz.

Typical uses of the benchtop spectrometer include:Studies of gelation processes of industrial interest, such as cements, and self-healing coatings for the aerospace technology. Studies of magnetic nanofluids. Stability/sendimentation studies of magnetic nanoparticles in colloidal dispersions (ferrofluids) for biomedical, geological and industrial applications.

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