pulsed NMR spectrometer 200 MHz

The 200MHz pulsed NMR spectrometer is a home-assembled, broadband unit operating in the frequency range 2 – 200 MHz (optionally up to 800MHz).  The NMR lab is equipped with two 4.7 Tesla Bruker superconductive magnets corresponding to a proton resonance frequency of 200 MHz. Variable temperature measurements in this spectrometer are performed in the range 1.6 – 500 K with the aid of an Oxford Instr. continuous flow cryostat (CF 1200 dynamic) and an Oxford ITC5 temperature controller providing an accuracy of ±0.1 K. Experiments are mainly focused on the following research topics:

Studies of nanofluidic processes in restricted geometries (e.g. water and ionic liquid motion in carbonaceous and silica nanoporous structures), as well as gelation processes of industrial interest, such as self-healing coatings for the aerospace technology and cements.

Spin-spin relaxation time T2 -resolved mapping of the polymerization process.

Dynamic and time –resolved NMR diffusion-relaxation and relaxation-relaxation measurements.

Resolving fast and slow diffusion components of water confined inside CNTs with diffusion - relaxation NMR measurements ("The Peculiar Size Dependent Ultrafast Water Diffusion in Carbon Nanotubes: A Combined 2D NMR Diffusion-Relaxation (D-T2) and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study", L. Gkoura, et al., The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, ACS Publications

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