Sputtering Thin Film Deposition

Deposition of thin films and multilayers of a wide range of metals, metallic alloys, semiconductors, oxides, or compound ceramic materials using co-deposition, or multilayer deposition. Applications include spintronics, sensors and actuators, and functional and/or protective coatings.

Two sputtering chambers are available. An AJA ATC 2200-V and a Cooke CVE-410. 

The AJA system has a stainless steel main 22" diameter deposition chamber with six tilted A320-XP UHV magnetron sputtering source(s) using 2" diameter targets. Four sources are configured for magnetic material sputtering. Confocal sputtering for high deposition uniformity when depositing onto a rotating substrate holder with adjustable working distance. Quartz crystal thickness monitor, +/- 2% thickness uniformity on 4 inch wafers. 

Phase II-J computer control software (Labview based).

Three (3) DC 750 watt generators.

One RF 300 Watt generator, with auto-matching network. 

Substrates up to 4" diameter. Continuous rotation (0-20RPM). Radiant heating to 850 0C with quartz halogen lamps.  

Load-Lock with a low volume aluminium chamber for 4" substrate carriers.

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