Applications with industrial interest

  • Gas Storage and separations (H2, CH4, CO2, etc.) 
  • Membrane technology in gas (treatment and exploitation of Natural Gas and the gas streams of Oil refineries) and liquid phases (steviols separation and purification)
  • Effective and sustainable water treatment processes (Nanofiltration, Membrane distillation, RO, Desalination, photocatalytic treatment).
  • Smart nanocomposites (e.g., antibacterial, super-hydrophobic, conductive etc.) for specialty paints, coatings and inks.  
  • Process intensification (3D-printed zeolitic substrates for bioreactors, Methane dehydroaromatisation –MDA- to hydrogen and benzene.)
  • Nanoporous drug carriers with controlled release properties
  • Minimisation/replacement of CRM (in catalysis)
  • Application of renewable/efficient energy resources in industrial applications (Solarization of cement production processes, production of Blue and Green-H2 production from fossil, CO2 conversion to fine chemicals).

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