PAMS has excelled in studying archaeological and historic metals as well as their production technologies, from prehistory to the recent past. 

Our research includes all aspects of the production of metal from ore, with special focus on copper and iron extractive metallurgy. We combine fieldwork, scientific analysis as well as experimental reconstruction, to answer archaeological and technological questions and to understand the development of mining and metallurgy within their geological and archaeological contexts. 

As finished metallic artefacts are sources of information about ancient technologies, our research also focuses on studying their chemical composition, microstructural components and mechanical properties. We employ metallography along with chemical analysis to export the maximum amount of information from a minute sample, thus allowing to better understand the way people manipulated metals as well as how they developed and took advantage of their technology. Questions of authenticity in terms of determining the degree of corrosion of an artefact is an additional aspect of our undertakings.

Aghios Sostis/NE Siphnos prehistoric silver mine (FN - EC I)

SEM photomicrograph of iron slag sample from Priniatikos Pyrgos, eastern Crete

Experimental copper smelting at N.C.S.R. "Demokritos"
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