BRUKER Avance III 250 MHz NMR spectrometer

Liquid state-High resolution NMR facility


BRUKER Avance III 250 MHz NMR spectrometer


High Resolution NMR spectroscopy is an analytical method based on the magnetic properties of the nuclei of atoms.  It is unique for the structural and conformational characterization of molecules in solution at atomic resolution.  Furthermore, NMR spectroscopy is used in the study of kinetic and dynamic phenomena, transformations, interactions, equilibria, as well as in purity assessment, mixture analysis, metabolomics studies, etc.

Technical Specifications

 The 250 MHz instrument is equipped with a, 1H/13C probe with z-gradients, BVT3000 digital unit for temperature control; Low T accessory

Other Capabilities: Low and high temperature experiments, 1D and 2D,

Analysis Software:  Topspin 3.2 and higher

Additional Tools

-Nitrogen gas tanks and compressed air system (oil-free) for regulated gas flow

-Associated small laboratory for sample preparation (Fumehood, pH meter, small Ultrasound equipment, balance, refrigerator).

Read more This instrument is part of the High resolution NMR laboratory for liquid samples of NCSRD, supported by three Institutes, namely INN, IBA and INRASTES.

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