Molecular Beam Epitaxy system by DCA, consisting of a vertical chamber, a 3-axis manipulator (1000°C), a mass spectrometer (residual gas analyzer), two high temperature (~2000°C) effusion cells, an Al cell, two e-gun evaporators for refractory metal evaporation, a remote RF plasma source for plasma-assisted epitaxy/deposition of oxides and nitrides. The main MBE chamber is complemented by Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) for the in-situ, real-time monitoring of the grown surfaces.

Photoelectron Spectroscopy system by SPECS, integrated with the MBE for ARPES and XPS measurements. The system is equipped with a μ-metal chamber for magnetic shielding, a He discharge plasma source for photon excitation at 21.22 eV, an Al and Mg X-ray source, a 100mm hemispherical analyzer and a 2D CCD detector for the electronic band structure imaging.

Surface Scanning Tunneling (STM) system by Omicron, integrated with the MBE for room-temperature analysis with atomic resolution of the epitaxial film surfaces.

The MBE chamber is connected to the analytical chamber (XPS/ARPES) and the STM chamber for in-situ characterization of the grown films
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