Electrical validation of devices JANIS micromanipulator stage equipped with four probes capable of electrical measurements in the range 4K-475K operated with continuous flow LN2 and LHe cryostat. The electrical testing setup includes (a) semiconductor device analyzer (Keysight B1500) consisting of a waveform generator and fast measurement unit (b) AiXACCT ferroelectric thin film tester TX100, (c) AC current source and nanovoltmeter for Hall measurements, (d) Lock-in Amplifier (e) HP picoameter and (f) LCR bridge. Measurement capability: electrical and magneto-transport, transistor transfer characteristics, high frequency capacitance voltage, ferroelectric hysteresis and fatigue/retention, memory and memristor device characterization.

The four probe micromanipulator stage for electrical evaluation of devices in the range 4-475 K
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