Hydrothermal Growth

The hydrothermal growth setup of the EHAS group consists of:

  1. a fume hood complete with water sink and gas gun for sample drying 
  2. a temperature controlled bath capable of achieving up to 90 °C when using water with a maximum temperature of 200 °C when using silicone oil as the heating medium. The solution can also be magnetically stirred throughout the reaction
  3. a borosilicate glass reactor with a maximum capacity of 1 L along with a borosilicate reactor lid with 4 necks capable of connecting three 24/40 and one     accessories.
  4. a 24/40 condenser cooled with tap water
  5. a digital temperature sensor for monitoring the solution temperature

The facility is mainly used for the hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanowires and nanorods.

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