Microfluidics Characterization Lab

The group operates a microfluidics characterization lab and related equipment. This infrastructure comprises the following main equipment: 

  • Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR A325sc (320 x 240 resolution) with standard 25° lens and close-up 4X lens (100 μm resolution) for real-time temperature profiling of heated microdevices (e.g. microfluidics with integrated microheaters).
  • Rapid Temperature Thermocycling system with a temperature controller and Peltier elements. The system includes a temperature sensor and a heat sink (from BELECTRONIG GMBH)
  • Custom-made temperature controller units to drive microheaters integrated in microfluidics
  • Various micropumps (syringe & peristaltic ones, such as SPS01-Lab Smith and P625-INSTECH) for flow characterization and operation of microfluidics
  • High Voltage Sequencer (from LabSmith, HVS448) for microfluidics control (capillary electrophoresis, electrowetting, etc.)

UV-NIR Spectrophotometer (from Theta-metrisis) for absorption measurements of liquid samples in microfluidics and lab-on-chip devices

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