Validation of Microfluidics & Lab-on-Chip Lab

The group carries out evaluation and validation of the microfluidics and lab-on-chip platforms mainly in collaboration with INRASTES, “Demokritos”, thus most of the relevant equipment is owned by and located at INRSTES. For example,

  • the validation of microdevices for DNA amplification is carried out in comparison to conventional experiments on iCycler™ thermal cycler (from BIO-RAD), a UV transilluminator (MiniBIS Pro) for agarose gel visualization and 
  • a gel electrophoresis system (owned by the Microfluid group) for nucleic acid separations. It includes a gel tray and a power supply (BIORAD, WIDE Mini-Sub Cell GT Electrophoresis SYSTEM 15X10 cm TRAY & POWER-PAC BASIC POWER SUPPLY)
  • Real-time observation of microfluidics is carried out on optical microscopes located either at the BioMEMS lab (INN) or at the Immunosensors Lab, IPRETEA. 

Bacteria cultures necessary for the validation of microfluidics/lab-on-chip are carried out at the Molecular Immunology lab, INRASTES.

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