Advanced Oxidation Processes for Environmental Remediation; Elucidation of the Reaction Mechanisms; Identification of Transformation Products; Identification of Transient Reactive Species

Advanced oxidation process (AOPs) such as UV-based processes, sonolysis and γ-irradiation for environmental detoxification. Focus is given on:

  • (a) novel approaches for understanding the molecular-level interactions and pathways of ROS-driven oxidation of less studied, emerging pollutants such as cyanotoxins and water taste & odor compounds (T&O),
Chemical Engineering Journal Advances 8 (2021) 100196

  • (b) Identification of transformation products and toxicity assessment after application of different ROS-producing technologies for water treatment, and
  • (c) novel technological knowledge of the efficiency of ROS-producing treatments to degrade target pollutants in water.
Science of the Total Environment 732 (2020) 138404
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