Photocatalytic Processes; Evaluation of new Photocatalytic Materials

Photocatalytic reactions for solar energy utilization, environmental detoxification and environmentally friendly processes.

Water Research, 90 (2016) 52-61.

Aggregates of metal oxides, mainly TiO2, and polyoxometallates  (POM)  are used in thermal and photochemical reactions for: (a) non-selective oxidation (photodegradation-mineralization) of organic  pollutants to CO2, H2O and inorganic anions,

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 286 (2014) 1-9

(b) reduction-removal of metallic ions, (c) synthesis of metal nanoparticles, (d) development of a standard procedure (EN 17120:2019 ) for assessing the photocatalytic activity of materials with regard to water purification in collaboration with CEN TC 386 “Photocatalysis”, Working Group 3 “Water treatment”.

This European Standard has been prepared by the Technical Committee CEN/TC 386 “Photocatalysis”, WG3 : “Water Purification
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