Liposomes and dendritic polymers as drug delivery systems

Our work is focused on the functionalization, physicochemical characterization and drug encapsulation of functional nanomaterials, mainly liposomes and dendritic polymers, giving emphasis on their applications as targeted and controlled release drug delivery systems.

The group has been for many years active in the development of functional dendritic polymers for drug delivery,1-7 and is currently extensively focused on their application for cell mitochondria targeting,8-13 or as thermoresponsive drug delivery systems14 aiming at improved in vitro cytotoxicity and reduction of side effects. 

Confocal images depicting mitochondrial targeting employing triphenylphosphonium functionalized polyethyleneimine.

Confocal images of doxorubicin cell internalization employing thermoresponsive hyperbranched polyethyleneimine.

Liposomal research is currently focused on the development of novel thermoresponsive liposomal drug delivery systems employing both experimental and computational techniques that exhibit, in combination with hyperthermia, passive targeting, cell nuclei internalization and improved cytotoxicity.15-16

Confocal images depicting of doxorubicin cell internalization employing novel thermoresponsive liposomes.

Selected recent publications

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