Functional nanocomposite coatings for marine and aviation applications

Research is focused on the development of 3rd generation fouling release biocide free marine paints preventing the formation of a micro slime layer on submerged surfaces in water.1 Specifically, carbon-based materials functionalized with lipophilic dendritic polymers were developed2 and used as nanofillers into epoxy resin paints affording nanostructured composites that can be facilitated the easy release of microorganisms responsible for biofouling.3 This is a critical property for hard fouling in the ship hull caused by higher organisms. These composites are expected to reduce the flow resistance leading to significant reduction in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Concurrently, decrease in the maintenance costs will be attained due to the enhanced fouling release behavior of the system. This work is performed within the framework of CARBONCOMP project.

Novel fouling release marine coating containing oxidized carbon nanotubes modified with functional dendritic polymers.

Hydrophobic nanostructured top coatings based on dendritic polymer functionalized nanostructured carbon-based materials (carbon nanotubes or graphene) are being developed, aiming to improved aerodynamic efficiency and, at the same time, to prevent ice-formation on aircrafts. Therefore, these novel nanostructured top coatings with improved aerodynamic and de-icing behavior are foreseen to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This work is performed within the framework of SANAD project.

SANAD’s coating application on Βritish Αirways’s Airbus A320: Mixing of the final coating formulation.

SANAD’s coating application on Βritish Αirways’s Airbus A320: Applying the coating on plane’s surface.

SANAD’s coating application on Βritish Αirways’s Airbus A320: Polishing of the surface (final step).

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