Scanning Probe Microscope

Solver Nano is equipped with a professional 100 micron CL (closed loop
XYZ) piezotube scanner with low noise capacitance sensors. Capacitance
sensors in comparison with strain gauge and optical sensors have lower
noise and higher speed in the feedback signal. The CL scanner is controlled
by a professional workstation and software.


Semicontact Atomic Force Microscopy, Contact Atomic Force Microscopy,
Lithography, Magnetic Force Microscopy, Kelvin Probe Microscopy

Technical Specifications

Source: Processing signals received from measuring heads; conversion of
signals generated by the computer control program; generating signals for
scanners and probe; auxiliary devices control

Sample Size : Diameter up to 25mm, thickness up to 10mm

Sample weight: up to 40 g

Scanner Type: Tubular with displacement sensors

Scan area: 100×100×10 μm

Analysis Software: Nova Px software for data-acquisition and manipulation
through the Windows ® environment.

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