Spectrofluorometer system

Horiba Fluoromax +
Steady-State Photoluminescence Emission Spectroscopy, Time Correlated
Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) lifetime measurements,
Photoluminescence Quantum Efficiency (PLQE) measurements.
Technical Specifications
Excitation Source: 150 W xenon, continuous output, ozone-free lamp
Optics: All-reflective, for focusing at all wavelengths and precise imaging for
Monochromators: Single-grating excitation and emission spectrometers
Resolution: 0.3 nm.
Maximum scan speed: 80 nm s–1.
Accuracy: ±0.5 nm
Step Size: 0.0625–100 nm
Range: 0–950 nm (physical)
Gratings: Excitation 330-nm blaze (220–600 nm optical range).
Emission 500-nm blaze (290–850 nm optical range
Calibrated photodiode for excitation reference correction from 200–
980 nm.

Emission detector is an R928P for high sensitivity in photon-
counting mode (200–850 nm). High voltage = 950 V, linearity to 2 ×

106 counts s–1 , < 1000 dark counts s–1.
Sensitivity: Double-distilled, de-ionized, ICP-grade water-Raman scan
3000:1 signal-to-noise ratio at 397 nm, 5-nm bandpass, 1-s
integration time, background noise first standard
deviation at 450 nm. 400 000 counts s–1 using these conditions.

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