LED Solar Simulator SINUS-70 (WAVELABS)

The SINUS-70 is a LED solar simulator which simulates sunlight between 400nm and 1100nm using multicolored LEDs.  Full control across a very broad spectrum allows researchers to analyze the performance of cells by varying the spectrum. 


  • Multiple individually controlled LEDs with different peak wavelengths
  • Wide range of exposure times, from flashes to continuous illumination
  • All LEDs can be separately tuned for user defined spectra
  • Intensity range from 0.1 to 1 sun at class A
  • Special optical system for perfect color mixing that produces a uniform spectrum across the entire 51x51mm test area.
  • Spectral quality that perfectly matches AM 1.5
  • Extra water cooling unit that ensures all LEDs are run at perfect operating temperature, so light intensity and spectrum are stable for long illumination times
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