Thin film characterization /Electrical-Magnetic Measurements


Thin Film Analyzer Linseis


Van-der-Pauw measurement, Seebeck-Coefficient measurement, Thin film thermal conductivity measurement

Technical Specifications

Measurement principle: Chip based (pre-structured measurement chips)

Temperature range: RT up to 280°C

Sample thickness: From 5 nm to 25 µm (range depends on sample)

Measured parameters: Thermal Conductivity (3 Omega), Specific Heat, Electrical Conductivity / Resistivity, Seebeck Coefficient, Hall Constant / Mobility / Charge carrier conc.

Permanent magnet up to 0.5 T

Vacuum: up to 10-5mbar

Electronics: Integrated

Interface: USB

Measurement range

Thermal Conductivity: 0.05 up to 200 W/m∙K

Electrical Resistivity: 0.05 up to 1∙106 S/cm

Seebeck Coefficient: 5 up to 2500 μV/K

Analysis Software: Microsoft  Windows  based LINSEIS thermal analysis software

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