High density plasma etching for DRIE of polymers

High density plasma etching with oxygen and fluorine containing gases (micromachining etching system MET refurbished by Alcatel – Adixen). The system is used mainly for deep polymer etching during microfluidics and MEMS fabrication, as well as micro- nanotexturing of polymers for superhydrophobic surface fabrication.

The system is equipped with a high-density helicon antenna plasma source, a magnetically confined diffusion chamber, and a loadlock.

The system accepts 4inch wafers or smaller pieces up to 2mm thickness carried on a Si wafer. Gases used are SF6, O2, Ar, C4F8, He. This important equipment is listed as an INN Microfabrication Facility{παρακαλώ εισάγετε το ΣΩΣΤΟ σχετικό link} and is also available for services via the Innovation-el network or directly through the Plasma Lab{παρακαλώ εισάγετε το ΣΩΣΤΟ σχετικό link από τα Services του Plasma Group}

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