Plasma emission spectrophotometers

  • Plasma Emission UV spectrophotometer, with 3 gratings for higher resolution plasma spectroscopy, with CCD camera Detector, by Acton Research Corp. (SPECTRA PRO 500).


  • Focal Length: 0.5meters
  • Optical System: Exclusive i-Series Imaging with plane gratings1200g/mm (HOL 500nmand 750nm)
  • Instrument resolution: 0.05nm (minimum slit width, which can be varied accurately)
  • Grating Size: standard 68mm x 68mm
  • CCD SBIG ST-6 model from 300nm to 900nm (Peltier cooled)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2nm


  • Optical emission spectroscopy in visual and near infrared
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