Contact angle, surface energy, surface tension measurement systems

  • Contact angle, surface tension, and solid surface free energy measurement system by Kruss, Drop Shape Analyzer-DSA30S. The system is equipped also with an automatic tilting stage to measure tilting angle. Detailed specifications for the model are given by the company for the line DSA30, see technical data file for all relevant models focusing on column for model S.
  • Static and dynamic contact angle measurements. Surface wetting properties are monitored with a Camera using this contact angle measurement system DIGIDROP by GBX Company. Static, advancing, receding contact angles may be measured.
  • Only DI water measurements. Other liquids require additional syringes
  • Liquid drop volume 0.5-10 μl
  • Maximum magnification:10X
  • Accuracy of contact Angle: ±0.7 degrees
  • Method of measurement: tangent at the triple-phase point
  • Drop video capturing

Wetting range measurement: 0o – 180o

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