Clean Room

Clean Room


Dr. Vassilis Vamvakas


CRF / Clean-Room Facility: Nanotechnology and Microsystems Laboratory 

The Clean-Room Facility (CRF) is the core of the centrally-managed ISO/9001:2008-certified Nanotechnology and Microsystems Laboratory (NML). It forms a unique environment to support multidisciplinary research, innovative product development and prototyping in Micro-Nanofabrication, Nanoelectronics, Photonics, Sensors and Microsystems including BioMEMS. It provides over 25-year proven expertise and efficient access to cutting-edge facilities in these areas for academic, industrial and government bodies in Greece and abroad. It features a full semiconductor processing line with emphasis but not limited to silicon in an area of 300m2 of class 100 (ISO 5) at the tools loading stations and class 1000 (ISO 6) in all other areas. In addition to chemical processing facilities and inspection / control tools (High-resolution optical microscope, Ellipsometer, Profilometer), NML includes the techniques listed here below. 

Processing Techniques: 

  • Thermal processing 

Thermal processing

Rapid Thermal Processing

  • Lithograph

Optical Lithography

E-beam Lithography

  • Plasma etching 

Reactive Ion Etching

  • Ion Implantation 

Ion Implantation

  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition 

Horizontal LPCVD reactors

  • Metal Evaporation 

Electron Beam Metal Evaporation

  • Dicing Saw 

Automatic Dicing Saw

Characterization Techniques:

  • SEM 


Additional Tools 

Facilities in grey area provide efficient support to NML activities in various areas including resist development and micromachining, ICP etching, wafer cutting, device packaging and testing, structural, optical and electrical characterization, as well as sensor / MEMS testing. 

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