Collaboration with the Clean Room Facility for Nanoelectronics and MEMS

Working hand in hand with the clean room for Nanoelectronics and MEMS research and R&D services through the Innovation-ELWe work in close collaboration with the clean room facility of INN, often transferring samples between the clean room and the plasma laboratory and offering our expertise to colleagues who etch Si or Polymers for microsystems and sensors, and for any new material for which plasma processing research is needed. Examples include deep silicon etching of hierarchical structures for stamps, silicon nanopillar transistors with radial or axial junctions, Silicon nanopillars for triboelectrics, organic electronic device processing and many others. We also offer our expertise in plasma processing through the Innovation-el network (Innovation-el – Your Gateway to the Greek Infrastructure Network for Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Micro/Nanoelectronics).

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