Technology Transfer and Spin-off Creation

We transfer our technology to spin-off companies or industry and create added value to the society from our research efforts.

Collaborations with industryOver the years our group has had many contracts and collaborations with industry. Among the most recent one we mention BiC the multinational razor company for low friction coatings on blades, Intel for nanometrology and nanolithography, and several short term projects with Greek and European industries. We also mention the collaboration with KLA, which sponsors the group by providing a free annual license for use of the PROLITH software for educational processes while teaching microfabrication in the Masters program of Microsystems and Nanotechnology.

Spin-off Creation

Nanoplasmas p.c. is commercializing diagnostics based on our plasma nanotechnology. Nanoplasmas received two rounds of equity funding from unifund in 2019 and 2021 and has received the 2nd prize award in Applied Research and Innovation Contest for Excellence "Kainotomeis" in 2013 and the 1st prize award in Trophy-Τροφή Challenge 2020.

Nanometrisis p.c. is working on nanometrology and offers software for the measurement and quantification of geometric and morphological characteristics of micro and nanostructures. Nanometrisis has received the 2019 Athens Commerce and Industry Association start up award for its promising nanometrology software.

In addition, team members have won one of the prizes of the GreenTech awards organized by NTUA, with their idea of plasma processing named Aurora.

Patent List of the Plasma Group

  1. Method for the fabrication of high surface area ratio and high aspect ratio surfaces on substrates

Greek patent application 20050100473 – 16/09/2005, Patent grant No. 1006890

European patent application 06710193.1 – 08/03/2006, Patent grant No. EP1937757

  1. Method for making a microarray

Greek patent application 20070100394 – 20/06/2007, Patent grant No. 1006042

European patent application 08762641.2 – 20/06/2008, Patent grant No. EP2173474

  1. Method for the fabrication of periodic structures on polymers using plasma processes

Greek patent application 20080100404 – 13/06/2008, Patent grant No. 1006618

European patent application 09762028.0 – 15/06/2009, Patent grant No. EP2300214

US patent application 12/997,701 – 15/06/2009, Patent grant No. US 8951428

  1. Gaseous Plasma nanotextured substrates for selective enrichment of cancer cells

Greek patent application 20140100142 – 12/03/2014, Patent grant No. 1009056

European patent application 15386007.7 – 12/03/2015, Patent grant No. EP2918675

  1. Method to fabricate chemically-stable plasma-etched substrates for direct covalent biomolecule immobilization

Greek patent application 20140100319 – 03/06/2014, Patent grant No. 1009057

European patent application 15386014.3 – 29/05/2015, Patent grant No. EP3284581

  1. Large Area, Uniform, Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing Device

Greek patent application 20150100397 – 09/09/2015, Patent grant No. 1009432

European patent application 16386016.6 – 08/09/2016

  1. Polymeric microfluidic device for Nucleic Acid purification fabricated via plasma micro – nanotexturing

Greek patent application 20150100398 – 09/09/2015, Patent grant No. 1009425

European patent application 16386017.4 – 08/09/2016, Patent grant No. EP3141298

  1. Variable Faraday shield for a substrate holder, a clamping ring, or an electrode, or their combination in a plasma reactor

Greek patent application 20160100220 – 27/04/2016, Patent grant No. 1009426

European patent application 17386017.2 – 26/04/2017

Joined patents of our Project with Project MATERIALS FOR NANOLITHOGRAPHY AND ORGANIC ELECTRONICS {Δεν ξέρουμε αν παρέμεινε ίδιο το όνομα της ομάδας του κ. Αργείτη. Αν όχι, παρακαλώ να αλλάξει και να προστεθεί το ΣΩΣΤΟ link}.

  1. Microlithographic materials and processes based on poly (hydroxyalkyl acrylates)

Greek patent application 19990100172 – 26/05/1999, Patent grant No. 1003420

  1. Silylation of epoxy-containing photoresist films

US patent application 09/152,046 – 11/09/1998, Patent grant No. US 6296989

  1. Polycarbocyclic derivatives for modification of resist, optical and etch resistance properties

Greek patent application 20010100506 – 01/11/2001, Patent grant No. 1004163

European patent application 02790329.3 – 31/10/2002, Patent grant No. EP1444550

US patent application 10/494,547 – 31/10/2002, Patent grant No. US 7326510

  1. Lithographic materials based on polymers containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes

Greek patent application 20020100253 – 30/05/2002, Patent grant No. 1004403

European patent application 03725462.0 – 30/05/2003, Patent grant No. EP1552346

  1. Molecular resists based on functionalized polycarbocycles

Greek patent application 20050100472 – 16/09/2005, Patent grant No. 1005438

European patent application 06779677.1 – 18/09/2006, Patent grant No. EP1941324US patent application 12/066,995 – 18/09/2006, Patent grant No. US 8247158

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