TOC Analyser

Total Organic – Inorganic Carbon  (TOC,TIC) Analyzer


HACH BioTector B3500e Online TOC Analyzer


Measured Components: TOC, TIC

Technical Specifications

Oxidation Method : Patented Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation Process using Hydroxyl Radicals

TOC Measurement :TOC (Total Organic Carbon) as Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon (NPOC) BioTector                 TIC &TOC mode measures NPOC

Standard Range : 0-250 mg/l

Accuracy and Repeatability : ±3% of reading or ± 0.45 mgC/l, whichever is greater

Second Range : 0 -1000 mg/l

Sample Inlet Temperature : 2oC-60oC

Sample Volume : Up to 3.0 ml

Sample Permitable Particle Size : Up to 100 microns

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