IGA -100 A

Intelligent Gravimetric Sorption analyzer


IG1-100A (Two units IGA-100, Hiden Isochema)


Excess/Total uptake

Storage capacity

Isosteric heat of adsorption

Diffusion constant (D)/Diffusion time constant (D/r2) calculation

Technical Specifications

Precision microbalance with a dual suspension arm

Static/Dynamic, gravimetric measurement type

Gases: H2, CO2, CH4, N2, Ethylene, Propane, any permanent gas, vapors

Pressure range: 0.05mbar - 20bar

Temperature range: -196 oC – 1000oC, (CryoFurnace, water bath, FastFurnace)

Balance resolution: 0.1 μg

Balance stability: ±1 μg long term (± 0.1 μg short term)

Pressure transducers: 100 mbar/1bar/20bar, Accuracy: 0.05% full scale

In situ outgassing (<10-6 mbar)

Additional Tools

Built-in anti-condensation protection to 50 °C for pure vapor sorption

De-mountable DryLoader for loading air sensitive samples. The system can hold a rough vacuum to remove the majority of air prior to filling with inert gas to improve purity of the resulting atmosphere

Argon filled glove box (MBraun) for handling and transferring air sensitive samples

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