Ionic Chromatography


DX-500 IC


Detection of inorganic anions and cations, organic acids, amines, and transition metals,  Chromate, Disinfection by-products, Ethanolamines, Ionic surfactants, Polyphosphates, Sulfonates, Azide, Borate, Perchlorate, Nitrate/nitrite, Silicate, Chelating agents, Nonionic surfactants, Lanthanide metals, Stains and dyes, Pesticides/herbicides, Drugs/pharmaceuticals, Nucleic acids, Purines/pyrimidines, Proteins / peptides.

Technical Specifications

Pump Type: Dual-piston (in series), microprocessor-controlled, constant-stroke, variable-speed 

Construction: Chemically inert, metal-free PEEK pump heads and flow path; compatible with aqueous eluents from pH 0–14 and reversed-phase solvents

Pressure Range:  0–41 MPa (0–6000 psi)

Flow Rate Range: Analytical: 0.000–10.000 mL/min with settable flow increments at 0.001 mL/min

                                 Capillary: 0.001–3.000 mL/min with settable flow increments at 0.0001 mL/min

Flow Rate Precision:  <0.1%

Flow Rate Accuracy:  <0.1% at 14 MPa (2000 psi)

Pressure Ripple:  Analytical:  <1.0% at 1.0 mL/min typical

                                Capillary: <0.2% (with damper) or <1.0% (without damper) at 10 μL/min

Additional Tools

CD25 Conductivity Detector 

GP50 Gradient Pump

PDA-100 Photodiode Array Detector

AS40 Autosampler

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