Omnistar Gas Analyzer

Mass Spectrometer

The Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) based on Quadrupole mass spectrometer is used for real time monitoring of gas concentrations. Sampling can be carried out from high vacuum up to atmospheric pressure. 


Pfeiffer OmniStar GSD 301 O2


Real time Gas analysis (including temporal gas concentration monitoring)  

Technical Specifications

Mass range: 1 - 200 u, Filament: Yttriated Iridium 

Standard gas inlet, Heatable capillary heater 1m (< 200oC)

Detectors: Standard Prisma BG805201BE (Faraday cup+channeltron)

Sofware: Quadrastar 32 bit

Additional Tools

The RGA is connected (via a multi port valve) to a sorption breaktrough system, a membrane permeability/selectivity rig, a Temperature Desorption Spectroscopy (TDS) set-up, a Thermogravimatric Analyzer, ambient air and several additional gas sampling ports. 

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