Catalyst evaluation

Performance evaluation of catalysts  


Homemade gas/liquid flow reactor for the evaluation of catalyst’ performance 


Catalysts’ activity, kinetics, deactivation, stability over cycles, regeneration studies

Technical Specifications

Gas dosing system: Single and multi-gas mixtures and vapors including humidity

Sweep gases: Usually He, Ar, N2 or test case specified

Liquid dosing system: Single phase and binary mixtures of the compounds of interest

Pressure: 1-20 bar for liquids, up to 5 bar for gases

Temperature: From ambient to 800oC

Catalysts’ form: powder, monolithic, membrane reactors 

Detection system: MS, Gas chromatography, chemiluminescent detectors, special detectors for gases, HPLC, ion chromatography

Additional Tools

Evaluation of photocatalysts under UV-vis radiation in both powder and membranes form.

Fluidized bed reactor testing

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