TGA Setsys

Thermogravimetric Analyser


TGA Setsys (Setaram)


DTA, DSC, TGA, simultaneous TGA-DTA and TGA-DSC, TMA / dilatometry

Technical Specifications

Temperature range: Ambient up to 1750 oC

Measuring ranges: ±200 mg /±2 g

Resolution: 0.002 pg / 0.02 pg (TGA), 0.4 pW (DTA), 1 pW (DSC)

Scanning rate: 0.01 to 100°C/min

Gas dosing system: up to 2 gases individually controlled (10-200 ml/min) plus one reactive gas (1-15 ml/min)

Additional Tools

TMA module

Compatible with 100% pure H2 gas up to 1000oC

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