High Pressure Gas sorption analyzer


HPVA100SP (Micromeritics former VTI Corp.)


Gas storage, Gas separations, Study of gas solid interactions

PCT Isotherms 

Sorption Kinetics 

Adsorption/Desorption Cycling, PCT and Kinetics 

Technical Specifications

Static, manometric measurement type

Gases: H2, CO2, CH4, Ethylene, Propane, any permanent gas

Pressure range: vacuum - 160bar

Temperature range: 77K – 573K

Pressure transducers: 2x vacuum to 200 bar / Accuracy:  0,17 mbar 

Outgassing station: Yes, up to 673K

Vacuum: <10-3 mbar

Dosing manifold temperature stability: 0.1K 

Cell volume range: from 10 ml up to 500 ml

Volume calibration with He

Additional Tools

Cooling system form 243K-323K

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