FTIR Thermo-Nicolet 6700



Thermoscientific Nicolet 6700


Characterization of solids, liquids, and gases. Identification of unknown materials and confirmation of production materials (incoming or outgoing). Applications in environment, food, forensics, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, quality control and general analysis.

Technical Specifications

Source: ETC EverGlo Source covering the range 12500-350cm-1

Detectors: 1x DTGS (6000 - 370 cm-1), 1x MCT-B (11700-400 cm-1)

Beamsplitter: XT-KBr (11000- 375 cm-1)

Resolution: 0.125 cm-1

Signal to noise ratio: 50000:1

Linearity: 0.07% T

Scan rate: 65 scans/s

Accuracy of wavelength: <0.01 cm-1

Additional Tools

ATR cell


High pressure/ Temperature chamber: Tmax:900oC, Pmax: 1500psi, Window materials: ZnSe, Thermocouple: K-type, Cooling: water 

Nitrogen purging system

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