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He is group leader of Superconducting and Magnetic Oxides activity. He is also the head of the magnetic and physical properties laboratory, equipped with two major experimental instruments of the Institute, the SQUID magnetometer and the PPMS instrument and the solid state chemistry laboratory.
Studies: (PhD/National Technical University of Athens/1992): Ph.D. from National Technical University of Athens in Physics (Superconductivity). Diploma of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (Graduated first in class).
Career: Director of Research (2005)-, Senior Researcher (1998-2004) IMS, Assistant Researcher (1995-1997), Visiting Researcher at Centre de Recherches sur les Tres Basses Temperatures, CNRS, Grenoble France (1-7-96 - 31-7-97). Research Associate (1993-1995) IMS.
Research interesting: He is responsible for the activities related with superconductivity, manganites and transition metal oxides physics. He research focuses on superconductivity (the High-T c superconductors MgB2 and iron pnictides/selinades, vortex matter properties), magnetic materials (magnetic steels), transition metal oxides (La1-xCaxMnO3, the mixed valence problem, magneto-resistive materials, metal-insulator transitions, the charge ordering phenomenon, electronic phase separation, charge/spin density waves), materials for microwave applications (ferrites, garnets) and single molecule magnets.
Educational activities: Educational activities: He lectures since 2006 Classical Electromagnetism in post graduate program: “Physics and Technological Applications”, co-organized by School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of National Technical University of Athens) and the Institutes “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, “Nuclear Physics” of NCSR Demokritos. He has supervised over 5 students for their Diploma dissertation, 5 students for MPhil thesis and 4 students for PhD thesis. Publications: He is the author of more than 171 research papers with more than 1895 citations and a h-factor of: 26. He managed research grants in excess of 1M€.