Microfluidics, Lab- & Organ-on-a-Chip – Funding-National

“Rapid and Accurate Detection of Bacteria in Water using microfluidics technology”

Post-doctoral Fellow: Dr. K. Tsougeni, Industrial fellowships Program, Aug. 2018 – July 2021, Budget: 85.550,00 €

“Rapid, timely DIAgnosis and MONitoring of microbial Diseases by means of an automated, point-of-care system (DIAMOND)

Scientific Responsible: A. Tserepi, GSRT-EPANEK 2014-2020 “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE”, July 2018-Jan. 2022, Budget: 393.292,00 € (NCSR-D)

“Microfluidic devices for cell behavior studies”

Doctoral Fellow: Dionysia Kefallinou, State Scholarships Foundation IKY – April 2018-April 2021

“Converging Lamb wave sensors with micro-technologies towards an integrated Lab-on-Chip for clinical analysis (LAMBSENSE)”

Principal Investigator: A. Tserepi, GSRT-NSRF SYNERGASIA II, Oct. 2013-Aug. 2015, Budget: 118.760,00 € (NCSR-D)

“DESIgn and fabrication of Robust supErhyDROPhobic/hydrophilic surfaces and their application in the realization of smart microfluidic valves (DESIREDROP)”

Coordinator: A. Tserepi, NSRF “THALIS”, Feb. 2012-Dec. 2015, Budget: 539.978,00 €

“DNA-on-Waves: An Integrated Diagnostic System (DoW)”

Principal Investigator: Dr. G. Papadakis, POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCH 2010, Dec. 2011-Dec. 2014, Budget: 150.000,00 €

“Microelectronic components for Lab-on-Chip devices for molecular analysis in genetic and environmental applications (LOC)”

Principal Investigator: S. Chatzandroulis, Supporting Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative in Microelectronics (Corallia), 2009-2012, Budget: 468.580,00 €

“Patterning of substrates in the micro- and nanoscale for the creation of protein microarrays”

Principal Investigator: A. Tserepi, DEMOEREYNA 2005, Jan. 2007-June 2008, Budget: 15.000,00 €

“Fabrication, properties, and actuation technologies of microfluidic devices”

Coordinator: A. Tserepi, PENED 03ΕΔ202, Nov. 2005-Nov. 2008, Budget: 162.922,00 €